A walk down memory lane at CIMA Art In Life with a side of retail therapy

A walk down memory lane at CIMA Art In Life with a side of retail therapy

Durga Puja will soon be here. What better way to welcome and celebrate Goddess Durga than to pay homage to her through jewelry inspired by Her?

The homegrown brands created quirky jewelry inspired by Durga. Some pieces are a direct replica, while others use her as inspiration to create abstract works.

This is a list of Durga-inspired accessories you can wear this holiday season.

Metal necklace

Mahuya Adcharjya, a designer from Kolkata, has created this brass necklace with a pendant that is inspired by Kali’s avatar. You can wear this metal piece as a statement during Puja. The intricate details — the goddess’s Trishul, the red Tika on her forehead, her eyes, and her tongue — pay a symbolic tribute to the goddess.

These beaded Durga earrings are bright, fun, and quirky. It’s a great way of adding the goddess motif to any festive outfit. These earrings come in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, and blue. Many companies can wear them. This piece is a great addition to any collection. The goddess’s eye will make it stand out.

Abstract neckpieces

This abstract piece is inspired by the goddess Shakti and celebrates the empowerment of women. The necklace is made of copper and brass. It features the goddess’s trishul, along with the symbol for her eyes. This necklace encourages the wearer and those who look upon it to embrace the beauty of Shakti in various phases of womanhood.

Beaded earrings with Shells

This pair of danglers will win you over if you want a more prominent goddess motif. These Durga earrings are festive and show the traditional form of the goddess. These earrings are a combination of everything, from the mukut to the ornamentation surrounding the goddess. The earrings have vibrant colors such as yellow, blue, and red. They are even more beautiful with the shells.

Durga Badges

Roshni, who is known for her quirky and cute illustrations, has created these options of magnets with badges for you to wear this holiday season. The badges depict the goddess as an adorable cartoon, mostly in a girl’s form, having fun. This is a great way to incorporate the goddess motif into your outfits. You can pin it on your jackets or shirts and even bags.

What’s the difference between cute, sexy, and high fashion? Sign us up! You can choose from a variety of colors and designs for Phuljadi beaded slides. These shoes are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a festive outfit or a casual look. Choose from minimalist or OTT designs; there is something for everyone.

These bum bags, like all other products from this brand, combine great design and functionality. These bags are a good basic accessory for your wardrobe. They also have lots of colors. These are great because they’re versatile and have a nice structure.

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