Why is Coffee Soap popular? This could be due to the Starbucks (coffee-shop rage). Some people can use the energizing smell of coffee to wake up in the morning. There are many different types of coffee soaps. You can find almost as many styles as you would in a local coffee shop.

Old-fashioned coffee soaps are actually made with a large amount of lye in comparison to the oil content. The result was a very harsh soap. Now, coffee soaps are as mild as any other soap. Create a coffee bar using a mixture of scents, like vanilla, chocolate, or cinnamon, from your kitchen. These scents make great gift baskets. Coffee and tea are essential for gift hampers. There are now soaps that have similar scents to coffee and tea. For that “crafty appeal,” crafters love to add any handmade item to their gift baskets.

  • Unisex Beanie

These Tentree beanies are made from sustainable materials and will keep your head warm in the winter.

  • Holiday Cocktail Kit

This fancy cocktail kit will help them host a festive holiday party. You can rest assured that they are packaged in 100% recycled cardboard with compostable packing crinkle.

  • Herb Sprouter Kit

The perfect green gift for anyone who enjoys cooking or gardening, this gift will make a great hostess present to give at holiday dinner parties. This set includes everything you need to grow delicious herbs without any waste! The kit comes packaged in eco-friendly seed papers embedded with herb seeds and is housed in a 100% biodegradable pot. The recipient can use some of the seed paper to plant inside the pool, and they will have plenty left to grow in the garden or other pots in the house in spring.

Do you want to give a more meaningful gift? Add a few low-waste items to the list and combine them with some things on the list. This kit includes a dishcloth, reusable water bottles, biodegradable lip balm, eco sponge, and a handmade soap. Pack them in a kraft bag with plantable filler.


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