Duplicate posts and pages on my WordPress site

Duplicate posts and pages on my WordPress site

If you are looking to create multiple similar pages or posts on your WordPress website, you can install and utilize Yoast Duplicate Post. Yoast Duplicate post plugin, which means you don’t need to create each page or post manually.

  1. Sign in to WordPress.
  2. On the left-hand menu on the left-hand side, choose the Plugins option followed by adding a new plugin.
  3. On the Search plugins bar, type Yoast Duplicate Post.
  4. Select Install Now.
  5. Once installed, choose to activate.
  6. (Optional) If you want to select the post or page elements you wish to copy, go to the left-hand side menu, choose settings followed by Copy post. Check that the checkboxes for the elements you’d like to copy are checked, remove any other checkboxes, and choose to save modifications.
  7. In the menu on the left On the left-hand side menu, choose Pages or Posts. or Pages from the left-hand menu, depending on the type of content you’d like to duplicate.
  8. Move your cursor over that title on the article or page you’d like to duplicate and click Copy. This will make a fresh, unpublished copy of the page or post with a draft added to the title.
  9. For editing the duplicative page or post, choose your title for the new draft and make the necessary modifications.
  10. NOTE:We advise you to edit any duplicate written content in order to minimize the negative effects it could cause on the SEO rankings of your site.
  11. After you’re satisfied with the modifications, click the Publish button.

More details

  • Utilizing The WordPress editor
  • If you’re looking for answers or issues using the Yoast Duplicate post plugin, take a look at the online guideline and their support forum.

There will be a time that you’ll need to duplicate your WordPress site’s content and then host it under an additional domain. Maybe you’re promoting an item that is known by several names, and you’d prefer to have distinct domains for each name of the product.

Instead of creating a completely new website for each domain, you can opt to make use of existing content on one of your existing domains. This article will walk you through duplicated WordPress website.

Note:Please be aware that the steps in this article are extremely sensitive. It is advised to create a complete copy of the website prior to completing the instructions in this article.


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