How to Market Handmade Soap Effectively & Easily

How to Market Handmade Soap Effectively & Easily

Working one-on-one to help soapmakers boost their soap business is a privilege. Usually, we can identify the root issue right away. They need to be more effective in marketing handmade soap, more often than not.

The soapmakers are skilled at creating handmade soaps and cosmetics. They spend most of their resources ( money, time, and energy ) making the best products possible. Soapmakers are known for going the extra mile to ensure that their products are perfect, that their ingredients are top-notch, and that they get the most bang for their buck.

All that hard work in creating amazing products won’t make them sell; marketing is what you do!

A soap business owner should not spend more than 20% of their time creating products or performing production-related tasks. It’s all business! It’s all business! And the most important thing is to make sure you market your handmade soap as if your life and business depend on it (because it does!).

You might be a skilled soapmaker (you’re here, after all), but don’t know how to market your handmade soap. You might find yourself pulled in many directions and not knowing how to move forward. It doesn’t have to be so complicated!

A Personalized Plan to Market Your Handmade Soap

A marketing plan is a missing piece for soapmakers. It outlines exactly where marketing efforts should be focused, how to win in those areas, and how to cut the fat. Let’s take a look at the four key steps to a successful marketing strategy for handmade soaps and cosmetics.

Prioritize Your Marketing Efforts

It’s possible that your marketing efforts seem scattered. You need to determine where your marketing efforts are located and which ones are most important, regardless of what the experts say.

Prioritizing where your money, time, and energy should be spent is the first step in marketing handmade soap. I suggest soapmakers concentrate their marketing efforts on their home first and foremost. What does your house mean? This includes all marketing avenues you have control over, such as your website, email newsletter, or blog. It’s not worth wasting your time building another house.

For the sake of this website example, a visitor to the site is unlikely to fill up their shopping cart and click the order button. They are still in the beginning stages of customer life and they may not be ready to buy yet. What can you do to help them move on this path?

Your marketing roadmap will help you decide whether to tackle a new shiny object ( LOOK, a social media platform) or not. It will also tell you if your efforts are actually aligned with your plan.

Does this sound overwhelming? Yes, it is! If you feel overwhelmed by all your marketing efforts, it is time to put up a cutting board. Don’t let FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out) lead you to spread too thin. I recommend that you focus on your website and email newsletter if you’re just starting out. Add another marketing method to the mix when you feel satisfied with those three.

Which marketing strategy should you use to complement your website and email newsletter? Without knowing you, your brand, and your target market, no one can tell what is best. Susie Soapmaker may be the most popular Instagram user, but that doesn’t mean it should be your only focus. These are the three most important questions you need to ask about each marketing strategy or platform. Then narrow down your focus on which one to use.

Get your marketing in motion

You know where your marketing efforts should be focused and have a million ideas on how to market handmade soap. What are you waiting for? You are a superstar, so get to work!

You can create a marketing plan to help you organize your plans and make it easy to market your handmade soap. It’s true that if something isn’t planned, it won’t happen. Do you have to plan down to the minute? Nope!

You are all different and you need to find the best scheduling method for you. Modern Soapmaking Land, I alternate between time boxing and day-to-day scheduling. It all boils down to how busy I get and how well my mental health is managed. ( I do have bipolar disorder. You can find my advice for small-business owners dealing with their mental health issues here

I use a timebox to manage my time when I’m not too busy and have a good idea of what’s happening. This is how I organize my time with blocks of time that are dedicated to specific tasks. ( Friday, 10-11 pm. Schedule social media posts

When I feel tired, I use Google Calendar to schedule my day. This means that I am more focused on a deadline than a schedule. Certain tasks must be completed by certain dates. ( Friday publish “How to Market Handmade Soap Effectively”

Priority task management is my go-to method when I feel overwhelmed. This is how I keep my small business running smoothly. My ToDoist keeps a running record of the top priorities. I prioritize tasks and complete them in the order they are assigned to me. I do not accept if’s or ands.

Rinse & Repeat

You’ve probably read my article on how to sell handmade soap and cosmetics. Now, I’m going to make you hate me for the next sentence.

Once you have everything in place, are working together, and can make magic, it is time to get to the top. Oh, my!

Marketing changes are as frequent as people changing their underwear. It’s possible that what works today may not work tomorrow, next year, next month, or even next year. Regularly evaluate and adjust your plan.

It is a good idea to review your marketing plan at least once a quarter ( along with your financial reports). This is a chance to make adjustments, take advantage of what works and eliminate what doesn’t. Three months is the ideal time to give your marketing strategy an honest try to see if it works for you.

Don’t let your marketing skills slip if you get off track. Get back up and try again. Making soap is a difficult business. They must learn how to market handmade soaps and cosmetics. You might make the most amazing soap in the world. Your bottom line will show that even if no one notices it. 😉

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