Low or No Waste Corporate Holiday Gifts

Low or No Waste Corporate Holiday Gifts

As the seasons change, it’s time to think about holiday gifts and cooler weather. As the season changes, your sustainability-minded business may be thinking ahead to the holiday season and considering corporate holiday gifts. You may have worked with wonderful clients and partners over the last eight months, or welcomed new employees to your team, and celebrated company achievements.

It’s a wonderful time to express gratitude and give gifts during the holiday season. You want to maintain the relationships that you have built. Holiday gifting often results in a lot of packaging waste or ribbons and sparkles that are thrown away or lost. This roundup will give you some ideas if this is something that’s on your mind.

Below are some ideas for corporate holiday gifts that are low-waste.

  1. A Gift of Experience

Image Sources: raregoods.com

Offer a virtual experience that they can learn from. Uncommon Goods offers a range of options, including flower arrangements and how to make homemade marinara-sauced focaccia.

  1. Gift Cards in Seed Card Holder

Plantable gift cards can be used as gardening gifts. It’s sure that they will be buzzing with gratitude. These seed paper tag-shaped gift card holders come with a ribbon you can use to tie a gift bag. Add your logo to pre-designed artwork, and you’re done!

  • Double-Sided Tag Shape Gift Card Holder
  • 2 CAD = $2.70
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  • Seed paper gift card holder with a single-sided tag shape
  • Buy 2 Tickets for USD 2.00
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  1. Stylish reusable bags reusable

Image Source: bagmaverick.com

Anyone on an eco-living adventure should have one of these bags in their possession. Add your creative touch to eco-friendly bags like these. Add some low-waste items inside. For example, a handmade bar of Holiday Spice soap or Charcoal Activated Soap, packaged in an innovative lump of coal muslin bag.

  1. Plantable Eco Custom Photo Calendars

These calendars are decorated with your custom photos, logos, and 12 months double-sided printed on six sheets of seed paper. You can help your recipients grow wildflowers in their own homes all year long! You don’t need a graphic artist; send us your photos, and we will add them to the card for you.

  • Custom Photo Plantable Eco Calendar
  • USD 14.60
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  1. Eco-friendly branded tees

Image Source: bellacanvas.com via motprinting.com (right)

Quality is important when it comes to corporate holiday gifts. Choose a t-shirt made from sustainable materials, like these by BELLA+CANVAS. These t-shirts were given to the team at Botanical PaperWorks, and they love them! You can read about it here in the case study.

  1. Deluxe Handmade Soap Gift Set

If you don’t know what to get, soap makes a great gift. It is gender-neutral and universally useful. This gift’s scent will make the recipient happy. This Deluxe Soap Set contains three handmade artisanal soap blends. The set is packaged in a 30% recycled chipboard box with lush white leaves and biodegradable handmade paper wraps with your logo.

  • Deluxe Soap Gift Set
  • CAD 11.45
  • Select Options
  1. Reusable water bottles

Image Source: Siggnorthamerica.com

Why not choose a must-have? It’s no wonder that reusable water bottles are the most popular giveaways. These bottles are so convenient! We recommend Sigg bottles, which are 100% recyclable and free of chemicals. In this case study, you can read about how Botanical PaperWorks provided branded SIGG bottles to their team members.

  1. Kits for Holiday Grows

Season’s greenings Herb Seed paper Sprouter kits come in a bundle that is perfect for beginners. They make a great giveaway. The kits come in a pre-designed festive seed paper wrapping that you can customize with your logo. The pot is made from 100% biodegradable material, and the coco coir wafer expands seven times when water is added.

  • Kit for Season’s Greenings Paper Sprouter with Herb Seeds
  • 7:15 CAD
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  1. They Named Donation

Give a gift with a purpose. You can include a message in a plantable card or business card stating that you have donated to their name instead of giving them a gift. It’s a gift that feels good both to give and to receive. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated, and they’ll be happy to support the cause. These plantable cards are printed using eco-natural seed paper, which is made of twice-recycled paper.

  • Double Sided Plantable Business Card
  • USD 1.04
  • Select Options
  1. Kitted Gift Set

Do you want to give a more meaningful gift? Add a few low-waste items to the list and combine them with some things on the list. This kit includes a dishcloth, reusable water bottles, biodegradable lip balm, a soap dish, an eco sponge, and reusable soap packaging. Pack them in a kraft bag with plantable filler.

These corporate holiday gifts will spread the cheer without adding any extra waste. Get creative with your gifting ideas, and let these ideas inspire you!

Want to start your holiday promotion? We’d love to collaborate with you on a product that spreads festive cheer and plants. Check out our Holiday Promotional Products Ideas Book to get TONS more ideas for seed paper promotions, as well as our NEW handmade holiday products.


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