Ultimate Design Control Using Kadence Blocks 3.0

Ultimate Design Control Using Kadence Blocks 3.0

Discovering Kadence Blocks

If you’ve used WordPress in any way, not just briefly, you’ve probably been familiar with page builders. Page builders make creating pages in WordPress easy and give you more control over the colors, headers, footers, and even page layouts. However, these plugins can be costly and require a lengthy learning curve.

What if you had greater control over your website’s layout with the built-in WordPress editor? Here, I’ll demonstrate how you can create stunning content with Kadence Blocks. If you’ve already used this plugin previously, continue reading, as Kadence Blocks 3.0 is entirely modern and a better experience.

A Brand New Kadence Blocks Experience

Kadence Blocks offers tools to design content with your standard WordPress editor quickly. The WordPress editor transforms into a mighty page creator with their editing toolkit.

What’s New in Kadence Blocks 3.0

There have been significant modifications to Kadence Blocks’ WordPress Block Editor since Kadence Blocks was initially introduced. Kadence’s team Kadence has been working hard to stay abreast of the changes and enhance the plugin’s efficiency more than ever. Changes comprise:

Rewritten Code

The code used for Kadence Blocks has been rewritten and modernized, streamlined, and improved.

New User Interface

There have been significant improvements in the interface for users for Block settings.

  • Tabs organize tabs
  • Updated and new settings controls
  • Margin and visual padding

Row Layout Block Changes

Moving Section Blocks inside row layout Blocks can be more straightforward.

Typed Text in Advanced Block

The most innovative feature allows you to create a set of strings that can be typed and substituted with your content.

Migrating to Inner Blocks

In the latest changes made to WordPress Block Editor, Kadence changed how some of their blocks operate as blocks within themselves:

  • Advanced Button Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Icon Block
  • Icon List Block

Variables for Settings

You might not be comfortable with or comprehend the settings such as EM pixels, pixels, or REM. It’s OK because Kadence Blocks makes choosing the right size setting easier with simple-to-understand measures like Small, Medium, Large, and XL.

Responsive Design

With Kadence Blocks, it is optional to fret about setting sizing specifications when displaying your website on mobile, desktop, or tablet. Kadence Blocks does it all for you.

Updates to Copy and Paste Styles

The feature has been updated and is now available across every block.

Block Defaults

Using this feature, called the Block Defaults feature, you can set the default settings for your block to make your design more efficient.

Backward Compatibility

If you’ve created your site with the older version of the Kadence Blocks, you won’t need to fret regarding the 3.0 update causing problems to your website. You can learn more about the process on the Kadence WP site.

I’ve written a lot about the recent changes made to Kadence Blocks. If you’re new to using likely need to understand what it’s all about. Let’s look at it more closely!

Try Kadence Blocks 3.0

How to Use Kadence Blocks 3.0

As I said, Kadence Blocks is a plugin that provides page builders functionality. However, it makes use of its WordPress editor for blocks. Here’s how to start by using it.

Installing the Plugin

You can buy and install Pro editions of this plugin on the Kadence Blocks website. If you’d like to try it, you can download a trial version from their WordPress.org page or search on your WordPress website in the Plugins section-Add Newfor “Kadence Blocks.”

Once you’ve got the plugin installed on your computer and it is activated, you can begin designing immediately.

Using Prebuilt Layouts

The easiest method to begin using Kadence Blocks is to use one of their prebuilt layouts. Start by creating a new page. On the top of your editor, you’ll find an additional button titled Design Library.

Clicking on the button will open an e-mail where you can select from various full-page designs. These templates can help you start your journey quickly.

For instance, you want to design an appealing website for your business’s home page. Select a prebuilt layout, and Kadence Blocks can automatically fill the page editor with the appropriate blocks from your selected design. From there, you can edit any block just as usual, except now you have more -and more intuitive control over them.

No Design Experience Necessary

For a better understanding of what precisely a Kadence Blocks prebuilt layout does for you, click the List view within the WordPress editor.

In this image, you can quickly appreciate the intricate layout Kadence has put together for you. This is a significant benefit if you need to become a professional designer.

A Fast Loading Site

You are likely aware of how crucial it is nowadays to ensure your website loads at the speed you can. The great news is Kadence Blocks will not cause any delays. Your website is only loading the block being utilized on a per-page basis.

Kadence Blocks Pro

You can enjoy some impressive capabilities and features with the base version of the Kadence Blocks. Upgrade to Pro dramatically enhances the possibilities of your design. You get:

  • 10 Pro Blocks
  • Pro Block Addons
  • Dynamic Content
  • Custom Icons
  • Custom Fonts
  • Premium Design Library


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