A Powerful Website builder for WordPress

A Powerful Website builder for WordPress


While using WordPress, you may have experienced a web-based builder or two, but perhaps you’ve not yet realized their significance. WordPress is a remarkably flexible platform; however, creating complex websites is a daunting task for those who need to be skilled developers. You may use a lot of plugins to accomplish your goal. That’s why a web builder plugin can be helpful.

Choosing a suitable theme could be a good beginning point; you could be locked into the same layout or design that doesn’t meet your requirements. A good website builder lets you build the website you desire without having to go the way.

Several web builders are popular and can prove helpful. However, they may be challenging to master and require several additional plugins, often slowing your website.

There’s a brand new website builder that you must take to look at. It’s user-friendly and lets you create the website you’ve always wanted from the box. In this article, I’ll introduce you to Breakdhttps://breakdance.com/ance and show you how easy it can be to build a beautiful, full-featured website.

The Breakdance Website Builder

Breakdance is a revolutionary platform that lets you create content in WordPress without learning a single line of code or an intricate new system.

With Breakdance, you can begin creating right from the beginning. It’s a full-featured platform that provides:

  • 120+ elements using the drag-and-drop interface
  • Editing the entire site
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Mega menu builder
  • Form Builder
  • ACF, as well as toolset-integration
  • The ability to write PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Design Features

Breakdance allows you to style your site globally, making it simple to create a stunning site visually. Breakdance also comes with gorgeous defaults that are out of the box. If you’re not a fan of customization, then you’re good to go!


You can modify HTML tags within Breakdance, and it’s entirely suitable for SEO-related plugins. You can keep using Yoast!


Installing additional plugins is not required to assist you in converting users. Breakdance is optimized to convert visitors by default.

There’s a lot of information to be uncovered using the Breakdance plugin, so we’ll look at the best ways to use it.

Try Breakdance for no cost!

How to Use Breakdance

In the beginning, I’ll assist you in locating Breakdance and then install it. Then, I’ll show how easy it is to use.

Install Breakdance

Begin with installing your Breakdance plugin directly from the site. Breakdance provides a free 30-day trial; there’s no risk of signing up and installing the plugin.

Once you’ve downloaded the plugin zip file, enter your Admin Dashboard within your WordPress website. Select Plugins-Add New. Select Add Plugin and look through the .zip file that you have saved. Select to install it now and then click on activate.

Theme or No Theme?

Once you’ve activated your plugin, you’ll get the Setup Wizard. The wizard will offer you two options: Disable Theme and Keep Theme.

Of course, entirely your decision. You can keep your current theme, and the appearance of your website will remain unchanged. But, your article could influence the appearance and appearance of Breakdance elements. I suggest you turn off your theme and give Breakdance an attempt. There are several reasons why this is:

  1. When you use Breakdance, you design your entire site. You’re in total charge of the headers, footers, pages archive pages, and customized post type types. It’s full-site editing that’s extremely powerful. If you’re new to the game to the world of music, you’ll find that Breakdance will start you off with stunning defaults. There’s no need to create from the ground up if you don’t need to.
  2. Enabling your theme will eliminate the possibility of having theme excessive bloat. This allows your website to run perfectly, and there are no issues between your music and the Breakdance platform.

In the remainder of this piece, I assume you’ve decided to turn off your theme.

Building Your Site

On the left-hand side of your WordPress administrator, you’ll see many options in”Busyness” under the Breakdance menu:


This section gives external hyperlinks for User Community, Video Tutorials Support, Documentation, and Tutorials.


You can design templates with WooCommerce archives and products, Post Archives, Single Posts, Post Archives, Search Results, or even add your template.


This is where you’ll make your headers for your website. Many titles are displayed on certain pages.


As with Headers, you could utilize several footers on different website sections or one visible everywhere.

Global Blocks

You can build global blocks that can be reused across your website. Blocks can consist of any element you want to use.


Breakdance lets you design popups that help convert your users into customers or subscribers.

Form Submissions

When you make an online form with Breakdance, There is no need for plugins from outside. All form submissions will be displayed in this section.


There are many settings that you can set within Breakdance. It is also where you can access Global Styles, one of the site’s best aspects. Imagine having the ability to view the outcomes of global changes on your website using the form of a visual editor.

Other settings are:

  • Theme
  • WooCommerce
  • User Access
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Performance
  • API Keys
  • Post Types
  • Advanced
  • Design Library
  • Custom Code
  • Tools

Most of them are easy to understand; however, I’d like to mention one that stands out. Setting the Performance option is a very effective tool. Adjusting these settings can dramatically enhance the speed with which your site loads by removing unnecessary JavaScript and obsolete code, in addition to other things.

Once you’ve got an overview of the terrain, we can create a header. Make a layout that is a single page.


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