About Us

About Us

We make our soap on the site of an old Victorian mill just outside Bakewell, Derbyshire, in the heart of the Peak National Park. Home of the millstone, the famous Bakewell Pudding, and an area of outstanding natural beauty, the Peak District is the second most visited national park in the world.

Where it All Began

Started out making soap in our kitchen in New South Wales, Australia several years ago.  As apsoriasissufferer Dharma wanted to find products that were not only kind on the skin but therapeutic. She loved soap butfound most to be harsh and irritating (read more about the differences between handmade soap andmassproduced soap here) and full of unknown or undesirable ingredients. So she started making her own withnatural andorganic ingredients that were gentle on her skin. They were such a hit with friends and family she started selling her soaps at markets and soon built up a loyal customer base.After a move back to England we decided to rebrand and call ourselves The Bakewell Soap Company, taking inspiration from our beautiful surroundings


Quality Products That Shouldn’t Cost the Earth

Our mission is to pass on the benefits of therapeutic soaps and products at a reasonable price. We hope this will enable people that may not have thought about natural, handmade skincare products to at least try them for themselves. Our aim is that for the little extra you pay for the therapeutic benefit of each skincare product, you will not want to go back to mass-produced products that typically contain a range of unnecessary chemicals and preservatives that your budget says ‘Yes!’ to but your skin screams ‘No!’ to.

Environmental Quality Mark

We continue to craft our skincare products in the most environmentally responsible way can. We are currently re-aligning our production processes to gain accreditation for the Environmental Quality Mark and have reduced wastage in our soap production by about 30% to help achieve this. Learn more about our environmental considerations.Do try our natural skincare range. We hope you enjoy each product as much as we have enjoyed researching and making them.

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