Duplicate post and page on my WordPress site

Duplicate post and page on my WordPress site

Install and use the Duplicate post plugin if you want to publish similar pages or posts on your WordPress website. This will save you from having to create each page or post manually.

  1. Sign into WordPress.
  2. Select Plugins on the left side menu and then New.
  3. Enter Duplicate Yoast Post in the Search Plugins.
  4. Install now by selecting.
  5. Select Activate.
  6. Select the Duplicate page on the left side menu to choose which elements of a post or a page you wish to copy. Select the checkboxes of the aspects that you want to copy, then clear the other checkboxes. Finally, select Save Changes.
  7. Select Pages from the menu on the left, depending on what type of content is desired.
  8. Select Clone by hovering over the title of the page or post you wish to duplicate. This will create an unpublished copy with a Draft after the title.
  9. Select the title of the newly-created Draft to edit the duplicate page or post.
  10. Note: We advise you to edit duplicate content to avoid the effect it can have on the SEO ranking of your website.
  11. Select Publish once you’re satisfied with your changes.

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