Fun Soap Design Ideas, Tips, and Recipes to Try

Fun Soap Design Ideas, Tips, and Recipes to Try

Making soap can feel like making art in many ways. The art of making soap is a skill that can be used to create beautiful swirls, smooth bars, and stunning landscapes with waves, textures, and colors. Sometimes it can be frustrating to lose the beauty of these artistries in a photo. Great photos should highlight what makes soap unique and encourage the viewer to look closer. Here are some fun ways to spice up your soap photos if you feel uninspired.

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Do you want a personal gift? You will absolutely love soapmaking, and it could be your new hobby!

Making my soap is the best part. You can choose the soap type, smell, shape, function, and design.

The Simply Earth team of aromatherapists has created a variety of simple-to-make soap recipes over the years. This blog post will share our top soap design ideas that you can follow and customize to make your own.

You don’t need any special tools! You only need your imagination. Continue reading and have fun!

Marble Designs and Swirls

A soap’s graceful curves and colorful swirls are always appealing. You can simply pour either a natural coloring mix or a different soap base into your soap and then slowly stir the mixture to create different swirl patterns. Timing is key when creating this design. Let the soap base cool to about 125 degrees F before adding the swirls. This will create the delicate marble effect.

This design can be customized to create beautiful variations. You can make swirly patterns or play with different colors. Make sure that the base and swirls contrast well.

Fun Additives

You can make soap by adding fun ingredients like lavender buds, fruit peels, and dried flowers such as globe amaranth or calendula. The sky is the limit with this idea. It is important to match the soap’s theme or scent with your additive. You can, for example, add cinnamon bark to a cinnamon-scented soap. Or real orange or lemon peels to a citrus soap.

This technique allows you to add as much or as little as you like to your soap. This soap design technique is great for creating unique personalized gifts and guest bathrooms that are a show-stopper.

Beautiful Textures and Shapes

This simple, yet elegant idea for making decorative soap has been around for a long time!

You can mold or cut your soap in many different shapes, which allows for incredible customization. There are many options for soap molds. You can also make your soap from a variety of sizes and shapes. Shaped soaps can be so adorable and fun to make.

You can add texture to your soap for gifting or display purposes. Bubble wraps can be used to create a honeycomb texture. Or you can just add a random texture around the edges. The possibilities are endless. You can use soap-making to express your creativity.

Glycerin and Jelly

Children love soap that is bright and colorful. This soap design idea is a great DIY weekend project that you can share with your children.

You can play with soap’s color, shape, and additives by using glycerin or jellies. Jelly soaps are also fun to bathe in because of their soft texture.

Glycerin soap bases are a great gift idea for someone you love. It can be kept transparent, or you could use a light-colored colorant to make it more visible inside. This will make your soap stand out!

Layers and Embeds

Layers and embeds are other great ideas for soap design. This technique allows you to place different shapes of soap on top of one another or in a different soap base. To create a beautiful contrast between the soap bases, you can experiment with different shapes and colors.

This technique requires that the base is at a medium-to-thick trace. The patterned soap will stay inside the trace and not sink to it. You can make soap in many shapes, and even include words. It’s so much fun!

What thoughts do you have?

Making soap is an art form! These soap designs are not only creative but essential oils can be used to add different scents such as sweet citrus, mint, fresh florals, and many other scents to handmade soaps. Essential oils can also enhance soap performance by killing microbes and germs, which will improve the appearance and health of your skin.

What is your favorite soap design technique? We would love to hear all about it via @fromsimplyearth on social media and in the comments section below!

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Embrace Color

Simple can be beautiful, but sometimes it’s more fun to paint a colorful picture. Your product will pop if you use bright colors that complement and contrast. Try bright colors, cheerful props, and lots of high-quality lighting.

Playful with Your Composition

Consider your customer’s perspective when viewing your photo. Depending on the product you sell, they might be scrolling through hundreds of similar photos. Your composition should be different from all the rest. This will make you stand out. You can showcase your soap in different ways and in many different arrangements.

Don’t Crowd The Shot

It is tempting to overfill your bathroom with a variety of lush herbs and blooming flowers. You might be able to see beauty in the small details, such as these delicate lavender buds.

Tell a story

From where did your soap originate? Is it going where? Who will use it? This photo will help customers engage by showing them the answers to their questions. You can add narrative elements to photos such as soap dishes, bath accessories, or bubbles. A gift basket, spa, farmers market, or other telling setting is another way to tell a soap story.

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