How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress

How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress

Refrain from spending your time doing repetitive, manual chores when you can accomplish these tasks in a couple of clicks. Learn duplicate posts and pages and let your time focus on more pressing tasks.

Are you looking for a way to duplicate the content of a WordPress post, page, or any other kind of content?

Being able to duplicate WordPress content is beneficial in a wide range of situations, including bulk creation of similar scope, updating old content ad,justing a style, and more.

In most cases, however, it’s more than just copying and pasting text from different pages. Alongside the content you’ve written you may also want to protect its design and the settings of your Post, such as its tags, categories, authors, custom fields, and any other metadata.

In this article, we’ll give you an extensive guide on completely duplicating an existing WordPress page, Post, and many more, using completely free tools.

At the end of the day you’ll be able duplicate any content you have on your website with the click of a mouse – let’s start.

How To Duplicate a Post or Page in WordPress: Three Methods

There are three ways you can utilize to duplicate the functionality of a WordPress post, page, or any other custom post type:

  • Plugin: pluginThe simplest method to duplicate pages or posts is to use one of the numerous specifically designed plugins (most of which are entirely free).
  • EditorBased on the extent to which you wish to duplicate your content, you can utilize just the editor if you only focus on repeated design and content.
  • Code manual for those who can do it themselves, You could add a custom code to the themes child’s functions.php file.

We’ll go over all three ways. We’ll go over the three methods…

How To Duplicate a WordPress Page Using a Plugin

Numerous plugins can simplify duplicating pages, posts, or other content on your website.

If you own a WooCommerce website, WooCommerce includes its built-in feature for duplicate products. You can read more about this below. If you do not have one, there are plenty of free plugins available at, for example:

Alongside WooCommerce, we’ll explain how it works using two free plugins in the above list:

  • Yoast Duplicate post because it’s easy to use and has an exclusive “Rewrite & Republish” feature, which is great for updating existing content.
  • Duplicate Post because it allows you more control in certain areas.

The plugins are both free, and we tested them to ensure that they function in conjunction with Elementor designs and content created using The standard WordPress editor. All the other plugins listed above can also be used with Elementor, although we didn’t specifically test them.

Yoast Duplicate Post

Let’s first review the Yoast Duplicate Post. This is an excellent plugin if you need a simple and quick method of duplicating pages, posts, or any other post type.

Apart from letting you create clones of content, it comes with the unique Rewrite and Republish feature, which aids in changing existing content. In essence, this feature enables you to duplicate content to make adjustments and later “merge” the duplicated version back into the original copy if you wish to make changes live.

To begin to get started, install and activate the Free Yoast Duplicate post plugin available from

You now have several ways of reusing content.

You can first navigate to the primary Pages and Pages list. In the event you hover an item on this list, you’ll find three choices:

  • Clone Clone duplicates the content and saves your browser’s tab in the list of pages and posts.
  • A New Draft Copy the content. Open the editor to see the duplicated content so that you can begin working immediately.
  • Rewrite or RepublishRewrite and Republish – This is an excellent feature for updating old content, asas mentioned above. The main distinction is that it will allow you to integrate the original content into the original post after you finish.

The easiest method is to Click “Clone simply.” You’ll find a draft entry for the duplicated content within the listing. The plugin will mark it with a “Customization Draft” notice to notify you that it’s a duplicate version.

In addition, you can duplicate content within WordPress. You can also copy content from within the WordPress editor. You’ll find these options under the Status and visibility area on the Post/Page sidebar:

Additionally, you can create bulk duplicate pages or posts through the options available in the bulk actions section of the Pagesor Pages list:

  1. Select the checkbox to choose each page or post you would like to duplicate.
  2. Choose the duplication option from the Cloneor, Rewrite, and Republish drop-down menu.
  3. Click Apply.


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