How to Duplicate a web Page or Post in WordPress

How to Duplicate a web Page or Post in WordPress

Sometimes, you’ll run into situations where you need to create a post or page that is identical (or close to being the same) to the existing page or post within your site.

When the content or the page is very long or contains a large amount of media and media, creating all the content over again could be very difficult. Additionally, suppose you’ve got several posts that are likely to appear very similar to each other. In that case, It can be extremely frustrating to manually write out the entire text or copy and paste all of the media files needed to make new pages or posts.

Another option is to open the current Post (for convenience and convenience, we’ll be using “post” to refer to pages and posts here) in a single screen or tab in your browser and then create a new position in a different window and switch between two windows, and copying or pasting the contents. In the end, the most recent ( post-Gutenbergversions of WordPress can make this simple and include a “Copy all content” option accessible to you.

However, if you must repeat this process repeatedly, you run the risk of making mistakes. What if you edit the original article, thereby removing the information you’ve already posted on your website? What if you’ve got several pieces to copy and forget which ones you’ve written?

It could cause a problem.

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  • Write Your Own Post Duplication Plugin

There is a better method. There are plugins for free that allow you to create duplicates of your content and pages, allowing you to edit and modify the posts to make new ones that are nearly identical to the content you already have.

How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress:

It is easy to duplicate pages or posts as well as create custom post types within WordPress by using one of the plugins listed below:

  • Duplicate posts This includes the “Clone” link to each page/post within WordPress’ admin. WordPress admin.
  • Duplicate page plugin It creates the “Duplicate This” link under every page, Post, or post type that you choose to customize.
  • WordPress Bulk Duplicator This plugin allows you to duplicate pages or posts in large quantities.

If you’re using WooCommerce and want to duplicate your items, click on a product, and you’ll be able to see a duplicate link under that particular product.


In this article, we’ll provide you with a few ways you can achieve this, as well as present some of the most effective software for this job. First, we’ll demonstrate how to duplicate a post or page in WordPress using a semi-manual method and without using a plugin. It’s as simple as copying and pasting; however, WordPress makes it easy to do this, even in the case of just one page to copy, it’s likely to be faster than installing an extension plugin and working in this manner.

This technique can be faster when you only have one article to duplicate because it can save time in installing the plugin. If you have a lot of posts that you want to copy, skip this section. You’ll be able to discover it quicker and, in addition, more precise to utilize the plugin.

For those who want to duplicate a page or Post, Here’s how you can copy it.

Begin by opening your current blog or page. Be sure that you don’t have a specific block selected by selecting outside a block within your carrier or by setting your document tab of the editing pane located to the right. If you choose a partnership, WordPress will copy the contents of the league, not the whole document.

Click on the ellipsis located at the upper right corner of the screen for editing (three dots that are arranged over each other).

The copy all content option in WordPress

A menu will be displayed. Near the end of this menu, you’ll find an option to Copy all Content option. When you click it, you’ll receive a notification telling you that your content was copied.

Now, create your Post. Give your Post a name, and then enter the title into the first block of text that has been made to be edited on the screen. Make use of the shortcut keys to paste using the keyboard (Ctrl + V on the PC or Cmd V on Mac) or Cmd + V on a Mac, or right-click and choose Paste from the shortcut menu that appears.

The content of your previous Post will be incorporated into the new Post. Magic! (OK, maybe it’s not.)

You can now edit the Post to make it distinct from the earlier Post. This is something that I strongly recommend doing, as there’s not any reason to have articles that appear to be duplicated on your website. It’s not just a way to cause confusion for visitors and cause confusion, but it’s also harmful to SEO.

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