How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files on Windows PC

How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files on Windows PC

What is a duplicate file?

Duplicate Files clutter your computer, slow it down, and make it more difficult to use.

If you want to find the correct version of a file, is it the latest one that I updated or the older one?

Remove Duplicate Files using File Explorer.

Windows makes it easy to find and remove duplicate files. Follow these simple steps.

  1. In the lower-left corner of the Windows, Enter the icon Indexing Options. Click on the search bar and then click Indexing Options.
  2. Click Here to Learn More Modify Select. All Locations. You will be asked to enter your login credentials in a pop-up window. When you modify this setting, make sure to use an Administrator account.
  3. Check that all the boxes under the Select locations can be changed section.
  4. Click “Yes” if you agree. OK, Click the. Close button. Check all the boxes if not.
  5. Press the on your keyboard. Windows You can also read about how to get in touch with us. Keys to open the File Explorer.
  6. You can find your files more easily under your user account. Go to Windows C and select User.
  7. Click the upper right corner. Search Engine Enter the extension based on its format.Images.jpg or.jpeg
  8. VIDEOS.flv,.mov,.avi,.wmv,.mp4 or .3gp
  9. MUSIC.mp3,.wav or.wma
  10. MICROSOFT OFFICE WORD.doc or.docx
  11. MICROSOFT POINT -.pptx or.ppt
  13. Download PDF File.pdf
  14. Text File.txt
  16. Sort search results alphabetically:
    1. Click on the View Tab.
    2. Select the Preview pane under the Panes.
    3. Select Details under the Layout.
  17. Under the Current View, Click on the section you want to view By Group Select. Name.
    1. Click Group By and then select In Ascending to arrange the files.
  18. Check the location of duplicate files. Check for duplicate files that are saved in different areas. Date modified: You can use the column to see which files are up-to-date.
  19. Select the file that you wish to delete and press DELETE.

Remove Duplicate Files using Windows PowerShell.

Windows Powershell is a scripting tool that allows you to manage Windows.

  1. Right-click the lower-left corner. Windows Select the icon and then click Windows PowerShell Admin. You will see a confirmation pop-up window. To proceed, click Yes.
  2. Enter the following script: set-location -path C:\ Windows Powershell will open in a new window.
  3. Enter the script to find all duplicates.
    • get-filehashEnter the location of the User Account folder in (directory that you wish to search).
    • Enter the folder where you wish to save or export the result. Enter the folder location you want to ship or save your result (e.g.,
  1. There will be two possible results after entering the script:
    • There is a problem: This error message indicates that the search for files is still ongoing.
    • No errors foundThis message indicates that the search of files has been completed.
  1. Open the folder you exported or saved.
  2. Check each text file location and delete duplicate files. Windows Powershell will display and search for duplicate files, regardless of the extension (e.g., The format of the file extension (e.g. ,mp3 ,.png, or.txt) is irrelevant.
  3. Enter this script to delete duplicate files from the Windows Powershell window.
    • get-filehashEnter the location of your User account in (directory that you wish to search).
    • You can change Del into Outfile -FilePath to view all deleted files.


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