Introducing Copy Style & Copy Paste

Introducing Copy Style & Copy Paste

Utilizing the Copy Style and Copy Paste options that allow you to duplicate WordPress pages posts, articles or even a part of them as well as copy and paste styles, or even copy elements from one site to another.

If you’ve made WordPress websites previously, you’re aware that the process involves significant amounts in repetitive tasks. When creating a set of icons boxes, for instance you must duplicate the design process to design each one of the icon boxes.

This isn’t the best or ideal method, clearly.

Whatever web page you’re currently building it is likely that you will require the use of the same styles across multiple areas. Wouldn’t you love it to be able to extract a style from one widget and apply it to a different one?

Now is possible, using Elementor’s Copy Paste and Copy Features!

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Introducing Copy Style

Select any style you like from an element and paste it on any page. This feature lets you copy column, section, and widget styles immediately.

We’ve put a lot of effort into improving this feature because we think it will soon become an essential feature for everyone. Whichever web page or landing page you’re developing using Elementor, using Copy Style Copy Style will substantially speed the creation process. It can also make your experience with Elementor more enjoyable and easier to use and allow you to concentrate more on your creative process and less on making technical changes.


Not Only Copy Style – Copy Elements as Well

Everyone enjoys the simplicity with drag-and-drop functions. However drag and drop of an element across a page can get old quickly.

This is where Copy Paste Elements is useful. Simply press CMD/CTRL+C on any widget section or column and then copy it to the page by using CMD / CTRL + V.

Your scrolling and dragging days are past!

It’s now simpler to swap components around and duplicate them and then move your layout in a receptive and smooth way.


Copy Paste Elements Between WordPress Pages!

A majority of Web designers use design components, not only within a single page, but also on different pages.

This is one of the things that makes Elementor’s Copy /Paste feature revolutionary.

It is now possible to take any design or element that you like from one site and then paste it into different pages on your website. For example, you can take the homepage section and paste it into your Contact page. Choose a design taken from the Pricing section and put it on Your About Page. There are endless possibilities for you to incorporate it into your About page.

Prior to that, you had to undergo the tedious procedure of saving an element as a template, and then inserting the template into the new page.

Do this in a flash. CMD/CTRL+C > CMD or CTRL+V. Do it and done.

The style or element will be transferred into the new location immediately.

Columns, widgets, and sections aren’t the only things which you could copy-paste. Actually, it is possible to duplicate and copy the whole Elementor page!


Right Click – A Cleaner UI for a Faster Workflow

If you test Elementor 2.1 I’m pretty sure the first thing you’ll be able to notice is the new simple interface with minimalist settings handles.

Where were all those controls? You may wonder.

We have added a context menu that opens when you right-click on any of the elements on the page. It opens a dropdown that displays all previous actions, and also the brand new copy style and copy paste options.


Reset Style

There is no need to repeat your steps. You can quickly go back to the default settings for each component by clicking Reset Style. In this way, you have always the option to start over and erase all styles changes in one click.

Right-clicking on sections columns or widgets will show these options:

  • Edit
  • Duplicate
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Paste Style
  • Reset Style
  • Delete
  • You can save as a global (for widgets)
  • Create to column (for columns)
  • Create a template to save as (for sections)

Right-clicking in the ‘Add section or template section will open these options:

  • Paste
  • Copy all content
  • Eliminate all content

Are you looking for the original right click function? It’s no problem.Just select CTRL or CMD + Right Click and the context menu from the beginning will be displayed. If you’re a developer and you want to look at the properties of an component then this is the best way to accomplish it.


UI & Other Features Introduced in v2.1

A lot of UI enhancements have been made to this version, such as right Click menu that we discussed earlier, the new minimal elements handles (the controls on the top of columns, sections and widgets) icons that replace the previous ‘Add section/ templates’ button, as well as categorizes that can be collapsed within the panel.

In the weeks to come we’ll be covering the numerous additional features and enhancements that were introduced with Elementor v2.1. It features Gutenberg compatible, CLI, further video options and filters for image CSS customized breakpoints and more.


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