The Perfect Bar Shape and Size – for a Non-Slip, Fast Drying, and Long-Lasting Bar of Soap.

The Perfect Bar Shape and Size – for a Non-Slip, Fast Drying, and Long-Lasting Bar of Soap.

When I first started making soap at the age of 12, I (like many soap makers) created rectangle soap bars and tried different molds in the cavity. Big bars, tall bars, moons, flowers, elephantsdragonflies. You name it, I looked it up. While I am in love with the variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and shapes of various molds and stampsI found the perfect size and shape that is now an Alo Signature half-round soap.

The Perfect Shape for Bar Soap.

A Bar of Soap You Can Hang On To.

The main issue I faced with bar soap was that it was difficult to hold onto them even when they were they were wet. When I was lathering them up in your sink or while showering, large soap rectangles were too big to hold in my hand (and they don’t come with tiny needles). Because they’re soap, they’re slippery and slippery when wet. They required too much focus to hold on to. This was not a great experience that would nourish the body or mind. It was difficult. The thin soap bars were better, but they were still slippery, and there was nothing to hold on to. Round bars were the most common slip-prone… however, I was inspired after I grabbed one off the side.

When I created my first bar of half-round soap, I set out to find a design that could fit a human hand of any size. I tested different sizes, diameters, and lengths. The half-round of 3 inches was the winner because it is the ideal size for human hands!

Half-round bars are designed to be a perfect fit for the shape of your palm while you shower with your flat hand. They are easy to grasp, and because they are tucked into the palm of your hand, they are more likely not to slip when you use them. So, if you have a shower using a half-round bar, you’ll never have to pick that bar off the floor of your battery.

Created to conform to the shape of your hand.

Half-rounds are affixed to your palms and are more likely to fall when making use of them.

It will not adhere to your soap dish.

If you place the curved end towards the bottom, the soap bar will look happy, and the soap’s life will be extended.

A Bar that Quickly Drys that doesn’t “Melt” (or stick) on the Soap Dish.

The next step for my perfect-shaped soap bar is the test of the soap dish. Soap should be placed on a soap dish that will let the bar fully dry without being buried in a water puddle. However, the majority of soaps adhere to soap dishes. The key to preventing it from sticking (and to ensure that it will dry quickly and thus last for a longer time) is to decrease the area of the soap bar that comes in contact with the dish. Half-rounds are ideal for this!

Set the curved side onto your soap dish. The soap bar will smile at you at the point where the curve is touching the plate. This prevents soap from sticking to the soap dish. It also lets the water drain out of the soap, which makes your soap stay longer.

The Perfect Size for Bar Soap

Once I found my perfect shape, I tried a few minor alterations to the bar to make sure it was the right size (in weight). Some soap makers create large 5- or 8-ounce bars of soap. In all our tests, the larger the bar, the more quickly it was used up (per ounce). For example, two 4-ounce bars of soap will last longer than one 8-ounce bar. Why? Because the larger bar is exposing more soap to water over time.

We discovered it to be big enough to use and small enough to fit in an average soap dish and, with the half-round shape, it was very long-lasting (with the curved edge all the way into its words).

So here you go, the reason and the story for our signature half-round soaps. Order the Alo Signature Soapbox to receive one of our body and hand soaps, as well as a soap deck made of wood. You can test them in your bathroom, kitchen shower, sink, or even outside by the hose for those who love to garden. We’re certain you’ll be awestruck by every one of them!

It’s perfect. The size and shape is perfect. Never dropping into the bath. The feeling is smooth and a little exfoliating. Because of my eczema and asthma, I’m extremely sensitive to scents and even ingredients. (Problem child, right?) My most happy place.CINNAMON STANTTON Pure Oatmeal and Calendula Natural Soap

Find Your Perfect Bar

Shop our half-round Signature soaps.

How Come Artisan Soaps Are Not Half-Rounds?

We can make soap that isn’t half-rounds (even though they’re the perfect size and shape for a bar that can be used as a soap). There are rectangular shapes, floral designs, bars, skinny and tall dragonflies, a variety of other conditions, and others in our handmade soap collection. Although the half-round body of soap is great to shower in, it isn’t the most elegant soap’s design. Each soap in the artisan collection is a reflection of a story with a spiritual aspect to it. The dimensions and shape of the soaps reflect the meditation. The most enjoyment will come from these soaps at the bathroom sink, in the bath, or a shower. An uneasy shower.

Now, you’re aware that bar soap isn’t dirty!

Remember that the things you use may not be as clean as we’ve been told. We have been taught by marketing to be terrified of germs that might be absent. You now know that soap isn’t dirty and that our Tooth Suds and Bar Soaps are safe to use.


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