Best Plugins to Clone or Duplicate Your WordPress Site 2023

Best Plugins to Clone or Duplicate Your WordPress Site 2023

Here are the top plugins for cloning or duplicating your WordPress site in the easiest method possible.

Are you looking to give your site an overhaul and include some extra features? Are you looking to test new things, alter them, and make them your most effective? Do you worry that you’ll make mistakes and end up with a damaged website? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go back to the place you started before you got it wrong?

It is possible to do this by cloning your site and keeping an exact duplicate. You can access it later and then use it again if you require it. Copy your entire website – folders and files, databases, and everything else–before you try to make any changes. This is referred to as cloning or duplicating your website. The copied copy will be a perfect original copy, without parts missing and all hyperlinks working perfectly.

What is the reason you would need to duplicate a site?

  • to move your website from one server to the next.
  • The ability to switch from the local development environment into an online server or the reverse.
  • An environment for testing or a staging server for testing certain modifications.
  • To simply backup your site.
  • A copy of an identical project.

It is possible to copy the website either manually or using the plugin. Manually replicating a website can be an inefficient copy-paste method that can waste your time. It’s beneficial to do it once to get a better understanding of what the program performs for you. To duplicate the file manually and then put it up in a different place, you have to

  • Create an empty database in the new site.
  • Give a name to this new database.
  • Note down the login details to the database in the database, including user and permissions for the users.
  • Find export on the old server, and then export all files.
  • Find imports within the new database and transfer all files.
  • Edit all database references in order to direct them to the current place.
  • Connect with the server, and then share all your files off of the old site via FTP.
  • Change all URLs so that they reflect the updated address.
  • Set the domain’s settings.

Developers must do this over and over again; however, doing it over and over again is time-consuming. That’s where plugins can be of great assistance to you. With a minimum of effort, plugins can create as many copies of your website as you need. The plugin takes repeated tasks. Developers can develop templates to use later on for various clients. This is particularly useful when designing large websites.

A lot of plugins require you to build a second website, to which your copied website will be saved. It is recommended to keep these details about the new website in your wallet:

  • the domain name for the domain that is being created.
  • the MySQL database information
  • , the FTP login information

If you’ve already got a copy and you have entered these details and click the Clone button, it is recommended to take a look at your Admin panel to save any modifications to your URLs. This will ensure that your links function effectively.

We will take a look at some of the most popular plugins that will help you with all of this.

Best Plusing to Clone and Duplicate WordPress Websites

All-in-One WP Migration

As with the majority of plugins listed here, All-in-One WP Migration will create a basic backup of your data. It also copies your site and then installs it in the new place. You need to install the WordPress plugin on both ends prior to beginning the process of migration. The interface for plugins is simple to navigate, and it is possible to duplicate everything on your website, including files, databases, themes, and plugins.

It will ask you to change the database string, remove any information you don’t want to save, and select a destination for the copies. Drag or drop your files to the new location or the destination where it was imported. Data is exported and imported in three-second chunks. This can help to prevent timeouts due to the size limit.

After this is done then you can relax and await the conclusion to import the data. Log into the new site and save the URLs once the process is completed. The plugin handles serialized data effectively, and you don’t have to mess around with the URLs. The database references are changed automatically. It’s free, however you will need to purchase additional add-ons for specific features.

The numerous premium add-ons allow larger upload sizes for files and permit storage and export on additional storage locations such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive. OneDrive, and many other. These add-ons also aid with the migration of multiple websites. You can move your entire site or just a portion of it using this extension.

The plugin is used by more than five million registered users this makes it the most popular and well-known migration plugin and one of most popular plugins that have ever been released.

Installations actives: 5+ million


Duplicator is a fantastic plugin to use for making a backup of your website and moving your website. Both versions, paid and free, are available. The free version comes with the wizard for transferring. If you’re not confident in your technical skills, The authors recommend that you seek out professional assistance, at least for your first time using this plugin.

It is possible to move your folders and files to a new location and take them out of there. The plugin will search the whole website and package it into neatly packaged packages in just a few clicks. When you are done with the packaging process, you’ll be left with the ZIP archive file that contains the entire site and one installer. It is possible to archive all directories, files, as well as whole databases created by WordPress however, you can also remove specific the parts.


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