How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

Replicating a page or post on the WordPress website could be beneficial in a handful of cases. It is possible to build on an existing post or page or experiment with a current page without altering the previous one. If you’ve designed templates for your new pages or posts, you’ll need a method to create copies.

One method to accomplish this is to manually copy and paste information from an old site to a new page. But, as this process is lengthy, you may accidentally alter your original page’s content. Also, you’ll not be able to copy your layout and settings and other important metadata from your actual site.

Do yourself a favor and install the plugin. In this article, I’ll demonstrate the steps to replicate a post or webpage on your WordPress website by using two free page duplicate plugins. Let’s get started.

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress

A page duplication plugin will function as a copy machine on your website. Give it a post or page, and it will create an identical copy. The plugins permit you to alter the settings for copying if you require.

I’ll show you how to duplicate content using two plugins: Yoast Duplicate Post as well as Duplicate Pages. Both are highly rated and popular and can be integrated into the WordPress dashboard. Let’s begin by using Yoast Duplicate Post.

How to Use the Yoast Duplicate Post Plugin

1. Install and then activate it. Yoast Duplicate post plugin.

2. Choose the Posts tab > All Posts to clone a page as well as Pages > All Pages to clone a webpage. This plugin provides two new options when hovering over a post or a page display: Clone and New Draft.

3. To duplicate a page or a post without the need to open an editor, click the Clone button. This will create a duplicate of the page in the All Posts or All Pages list.

4. To duplicate a page or post and then open the duplicate within the Editor, select “New Draft” instead.

Yoast Duplicate Post also allows users to duplicate multiple items at a time. If you go to the heading All Posts as well as All Pages, choose the pages or posts you wish to copy and then select Bulk Actions > Clone and select Apply.

You can change the settings of this plugin by going to Options > Duplicate Post.

  • Under what to copy, You can choose which elements to include in duplicates and the way to label duplicate pages or posts as default.
  • Within Permissions, You can switch who is able to duplicate posts or pages and the types of commands that can be quoted by the plugin.
  • When you click Display, you can modify the way that links to the copied page or post will appear.

After you have edited the settings of your plugin After editing the settings, then click Save the changes.

How to Use the Duplicate Page Plugin

1. Install and then activate it. Duplicate page plugin.

2. Pick posts > all posts to copy a bar as well as Pages > All Pages to copy a page.

3. Move your cursor over the page or post you wish to duplicate and select Copy This. The duplicate will appear on the All Posts or All Pages list.

Within the Settings menu, under Duplicate Page, users are able to change your Editor as the default status for duplicated posts and a suffix to the quoted page/post’s names.

Other WordPress Duplicate Page Plugins

Even though Yoast Duplicate Post and Duplicate Page are the two most popular plugins to perform this task, there are a lot of alternatives to test. Here are a few other duplicate page plugins for free that we recommend.

Duplicate Page and Post (by Arjun Thakur)

Duplicate Page and Post is a different choice for free page duplication software, providing the functionality you think of. It lets you duplicate pages, posts as well as custom posts. It also allows you to create a redirect from the original post or page to the new one and to add custom words in the link duplicate button.

WP Duplicate Page

Ninja Team is a prolific plugin creator that specializes in WooCommerce-related plugins as well as maintaining the duplicate-page plugin. WP Duplicate Page prides itself in being easy and simple to use and functions similar to other plugins we’ve discussed in this article.

duplicate page or post (by WPdevart)

Duplicate Post or Page by WordPress provides a variety of options for creating duplicates of your WordPress pages and posts by allowing you to choose the specific elements you want to duplicate (including title content, date of publication status, featured image author, and many more). This provides you with more control over copied content.


Do you need to create a duplicate of your entire website instead of a single page or post? We suggest the Duplicator plugin, which is one of the WordPress backup plugins which is one of the most popular plugins of its type.

Duplicator allows you to create copies of your entire website easily, and you can choose what aspects of your site you wish to copy onto the new site. This is a great way to back your site’s content or when you want to transfer your website to a different hosting provider.


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