How to Add Job Listing Page to Your WordPress Website

How to Add Job Listing Page to Your WordPress Website

If you’ve ever been to the WP Mayor Jobs Page, there are WordPress-related jobs on various sources, including, WP Hired, Smashing Magazine, and Upwork.

Have you ever wondered how to make an employment listing page?

The answer is easy by using this plugin. WP RSS Aggregator plugin.

You could also create this type of page on your site. I will help you make an employment listing page with The WP RSS Aggregator plugin in this article.

WP RSS Aggregator

If you are a fan of WP Mayor, you’ve probably heard of WP RSS Aggregator. I want to present the WP RSS Aggregator if you haven’t.

The WP RSS Aggregator is a top RSS feed importer WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you can build an aggregator website.

There are numerous ways to use this powerful plugin:

  • Create a news aggregator website similar to AllTop
  • Present your portfolio of writing for freelance such as Kristi Hines and Joe Fylan.
  • Import Instagram images onto your WordPress website
  • Create a Job Listing Page
  • Display articles from another blogger in your blog

The possibilities are limitless.

Step By Step Guide To Create A Job Listing Page

Let’s make a Job Listing Page similar to the WP Mayor Jobs Page.

We’ll make a job page for freelance content writers. It can find writing jobs on ProBlogger’s job board along with

Step 1: Install The Plugin

First, you must install the WordPress RSS Aggregator plugin on your website. The plugin’s basic version is free and can be found in the WordPress plugin Repository. It is also possible to use additional premium plugins included with this plugin to improve the performance of your website.

To install this plugin, you could choose one of these methods:

  • Get WP RSS from and add the file to your WordPress website.
  • Go to the plugins. Click Plugins – add new and then search in the search box for “WP RSS Aggregator” and install it.

Once you’ve installed it, turn on the plugin. You can find the RSS Aggregator on the left sidebar of the WordPress administrator panel.

Step 2: Get the Feed URL

The most crucial step. We require the feed URL to import the content by using the plugin.

In our situation, we require feed URLs for the ProBlogger Job Board and WordPress Jobs Page.

ProBlogger Job Board

You can find the feed URL on the page and the pages for categories in the sidebar.

Click on the feed’s icon and the Copy link address. If you’re targeting a specific category, you only need to copy the feed for the class.

Here is the feed URL of the ProBlogger Job Board –

Visit the WordPress Jobs Page, and you will see an icon that feeds the category Writing. Once more, right-click on the icon and copy the URL address.

Here is the feed URL of the Writing category of Jobs Page –

Step 3: Add Feed URL To WP RSS Aggregator

It’s time to add feed URLs.

Visit your WordPress administrator panel and click”Add New” in your WordPress admin area. The “Add New Add Newoption ” is available within the RSS Aggregator menu. The menu will then open up a brand new page where you can include an RSS feed.

Let me go over the options that are here:

The source’s name: You can give any name you want as the feed’s source. Let’s name the source ProBlogger Job Board.

Feed Source Details:

  • URL Input the URL of your feed in this box (e.g.,
  • Limit – You can limit the number of results you get by using this option. For instance, if your limit is 10, just ten jobs from the most recent ones are retrieved from the site and saved at a time. Do not alter it if you need to retrieve all results.
  • Links to the enclosure: Check this box to make the feed items link to the URLs in the enclosure tag.
  • Unique titles. Select this box if you don’t wish to permit multiple feeds with similar titles.

Feed Preview:

It displays an overview of the feed items retrieved via the plugin based on the intended source.

Forcing the feed, It is possible to encounter the invalid Feed URLerror in the feed preview even though you have the URL of your feed valid. In this case, you should check if this option will help you get the results.

Feed Processing:

  • Feed StateIf you maintain the feed status as Active, it’ll continue to pull data from the sources. If it is paused in the feed state, it won’t fetch the latest results.
  • Live feed – If you’ve suspended the feed’s status, it is possible to select a time when you want to bring it back into active mode.
  • Stop feed – Select this option to stop the feed’s state according to the time.
  • Update Interval It will determine how often the feed source must be able to check for new items and retrieve new results when there are any.
  • Delete old Feed items. If you select this option for 30 days, it’ll remove items older than 30 days.

After you’ve finished when you are done, click the Publish Feed button. This will retrieve all results of that feed URL.

Also, include the feed URL for the Writing category on The WordPress Jobs Page.

Step 4: Create The Job Listing Page

We’re ready to get busy creating our page for job listings.

The first step is to start a new page. Let’s name it: Writers’ Jobs for Freelance Board.

Then, click the icon for WP RSS Aggregator located in the editor, and a pop-up will be displayed:

  • Feed Source – Review all feed sources to present the outcomes from all feed sources. If you do not uncheck it, you can choose the feed sources you prefer.
  • Exclude. Choose any feed source you don’t wish to display.
  • Feed LimitYou can limit how many results you get that you can display using this option.


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