How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress ( in Simple Ways)

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress ( in Simple Ways)

We all know that WordPress is a powerful software which lets users build websites. You can write blog posts (more often referred to as blogs (also known as blog entries) and upload files as well as manage images and many more. The initial idea was an online blogging platform developed to become the CMS (CMS), the preferred preference for more than a third of all websites.

There are many features WordPress offers (like full-site editing). It isn’t possible to duplicate a page or post right out of the box. This seems to be a minor error, but one we can fix by ourselves. This article will look at three ways you can duplicate a webpage in WordPress.

Table Of Contents

  • 1 Reasons to Duplicate a Page
    • 1.1 Watch Out for Duplicate Content
  • 2 How to Duplicate a WordPress Page (Step-by-Step)
    • 2.1 1. Duplicating a Page Using a WordPress Plugin
    • 2.2 2. Duplicating a Page on WordPress using Divi
    • 2.3 3. Duplicating a Page in WordPress Manually: Copy and Paste
    • 2.4 In Conclusion

Reasons to Duplicate a Page

There is a myriad of reasons it is possible to duplicate a blog post or page within WordPress. One example is that you’ve designed a stunning landing page for your new product that you’re about to launch. You may also need to conduct some A/B tests for the Facebook ads you’re running to advertise the product. Instead of redoing the entire effort, You can just duplicate that page, do small tweaks, and cut the design time down.

Another reason for duplicates of the page is to aid in your design process. If you own a huge site, you might have to duplicate a lot of pages in order to provide additional content to others on your team. If you were required to recreate every page over and over again, it could slow down the process of designing, which can result in timelines being lost. Additionally, you may make your team slightly annoyed. Therefore having a fast and simple method of duplicate pages will be useful during your daily work with your WordPress website. This is among the main reasons we introduced Divi Cloud. Divi Cloud option to Divi. With it, you are able to save all sorts of layouts, page layouts, and more, which will accelerate the process of designing.

Watch Out for Duplicate Content

The practice of duplicating pages on WordPress is always an option to achieve a goal. It is not a good idea to duplicate pages with identical content on your website. This is not a good practice and could negatively impact SEO. For more information about duplicate content, read our comprehensive guide to the issue of duplicate content, SEO and.

How to Duplicate a WordPress Page (Step-by-Step)

We now know the reason you would want to duplicate the page; let’s look into the three methods to duplicate a page in your most recent WordPress project.

  1. Duplicating a Page Using a WordPress Plugin

There are numerous WordPress plugins which can be used in order to create duplicates of pages for WordPress. Make sure to consider the features you’re looking for, along with the ratings and reviews of the plugin, prior to adding it to the WordPress website. With all of this in mind, for the purpose of this article, we’ll use this free edition of the Duplicate page plugin.

To install the plug-in, Follow these steps to install the plugin:

  1. On the left-hand side, click Plugins. Click Plugins, then select Add New
  2. In the search box located at the top right of the screen, enter duplicate pages.
  3. Search for it. Click on the Duplicate Page plug-in, then click Install Now.

Once the plugin has been activated and installed, go through the page section on your site. To get to the page, click Pages and then select all pages from the menu on the left. Then, you’ll notice whenever you click on the title of a page, an additional menu item is added, titled duplicate this.

When you are in a position to duplicate your webpage, Simply hit click the Duplicate link underneath the page’s listing you want to duplicate. That’s it!

Then, you are able to modify the duplicate page if needed. Be sure to change the URL for your new webpage. Because it’s a duplicate URL, the permalink URL will be copied, so make sure to change it to be consistent with the content you have added.

Image alt=”Remember to modify your permalinks when duplicating an entire page!” src=””/>

It’s recommended to check the Duplicate Page plugin’s settings to ensure that it’s functioning exactly how you’d like it to.

The options let you decide how duplicate pages appear and the location you would like the duplicate link to appear.

  1. Duplicating a page in WordPress using Divi

To Divi customers, You can easily make duplicate pages (or templates) within WordPress. When you use the Divi Builder, you can use an option built-in to duplicate (or copy) pages that are already in WordPress every time the page is created.

Cloning an Existing Page Using the Divi Builder

To duplicate an existing WordPress page using Divi, you need to click on the button to open the Divi Builder while making changes to a page.

If you choose to use the Divi Builder to modify the content of a page, you’ll be presented with a pop-up giving you three options on what you should do with the creation of your new page. The one we’re looking for is the third and final option, Clone Existing Page.

If you choose the option to clone an existing page, You will be able to be able to see all pages on your website you are able to copy.


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