How to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post with a Single Click

How to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post with a Single Click

Creating a duplicate page or page allows you to duplicate the layout and settings, metadata, and other essential information. This could save you tons of effort and time while ensuring your posts and pages are identical.

In this post, we’ll demonstrate how you can quickly duplicate the content of a WordPress page or a bar.

Why Clone or Duplicate a Page/Post in WordPress?

Sometimes, you’ll have to copy quickly the contents of a WordPress article or page with all its settings. For instance, you might need to repurpose the layout from a popular sale page or expand an existing theme into new content.

Another alternative can be to copy the page’s contents into an entirely new draft. But, this will not duplicate the image featured in the post; it’s the post’s settings, SEO settings, or any other crucial metadata.

You’ll have to add this information manually, which will take time and energy.

Let’s look at how to duplicate a WordPress page’s content or post in just one click.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to follow written instructions, continue reading.

Duplicate a WordPress Post or Page

The most efficient method to copy an entire post or page, as well as the settings it has, is using Duplicate Post. This plugin lets you duplicate a post’s content and sets it into a fresh draft. It also has a handy ‘Rewrite and Republish’ feature, which allows users to change an older post without the modifications immediately being published on the WordPress web page.

Initially, you’ll need to activate and set up the plugin. If you need assistance, please refer to our guide on installing the WordPress plugin.

Once activated, navigate to Posts > all posts and Pages > All Pages, depending on the content you’d like to duplicate. In this case, you can hover over the article you wish to copy and choose “Clone” or “New Draft.’

“Clone” duplicates the page or post but doesn’t allow you to open it within the WordPress editor of content.

In the meantime, “New Draft” duplicates the article and opens the original post within the editor for content, so you can begin making progress on the center immediately.

The ability to duplicate multiple posts or posts simultaneously using the bulk editing feature. Click the checkbox on every page or post you’d like to copy and then select the dropdown menu, which shows the ‘Bulk Actions By default.

Choose either ‘Clone’ or ‘Rewrite and Republish from the menu dropdown.’

After that, click ‘Apply.’

This could help you save time and enhance your workflow for editing within WordPress.

Customizing Duplicate Post Plugin Settings

It is a Yoast Duplicate Post plugin that works from the beginning and can support pages and posts by default. However, you can set it so that it duplicates different types of posts or modify its elements copied while creating duplicates.

To change the settings of the plugin To configure the plugin’s settings, visit Settings > Duplicate Post.

You’ll now be able to have access to all the information which Yoast Duplicate Post can copy, like titles, excerpts, as well as attachments. Check and uncheck boxes based on the post and page elements you want to duplicate.

Then, go to the tab ‘Permissions.

By default, administrators and editors can duplicate posts.

You can check or uncheck these boxes based on the individuals who require duplicate blog posts. If, for instance, you run an author-based WordPress blog, the authors might need this feature.

If you use customized post formats, they will be displayed under ‘Enable for these posts. Select the checkbox on the right of every custom post type you want to duplicate.

If you’re using WooCommerce and WooCommerce, you can duplicate WooCommerce Orders and Coupons.’

Then, click the display tab, and choose where you would like to display duplicate hyperlinks to the blog. WordPress website.

Uncheck or check the boxes that say “Show links” section to remove or add these hyperlinks from the post list. Edit screen, count them, and much more.

The plugin, by default, includes ‘New Draft’ Clone,’ and Rewrite and Republish’ hyperlinks to the WordPress dashboard.

If you wish to delete any or all of the hyperlinks, uncheck the box.

If you are satisfied with how the plugin configures, click the “Save changes” button to save your settings.

We hope that this article has helped you understand how to duplicate the content of a WordPress article or page. You can also read our complete WordPress SEO-friendly guide for newbies and our top recommendations for the essential WordPress plugins to boost the performance of your website.

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