Migrate WordPress With a Plugin

Migrate WordPress With a Plugin

Another option is to move an existing WordPress website using a plugin. The following sections will discuss the top five WordPress Migration plugins.

To show you how to transfer your WordPress website using the help of a plugin, we’ll use our All-in-1 WP Migration plugin to illustrate. This plugin is simple to use and includes all the required features for transferring your site.

With this plugin, the default maximum file upload size is 500 megabytes. If your backup is more significant than this threshold, increase WordPress’s full length for upload first.

It is essential to update to Unlimited Extension for the feature to restore backups.

After transferring a website’s information from one hosting service to another with a plugin, ensure the domain’s name points to the correct hosting provider.

Pro Tip

Transferring a website with plugins could cause problems when you use custom scripts. Follow the steps carefully and create a backup in the event of failure.

Before you begin the WordPress transition process, install the WordPress plugin and then activate it on your existing host accounts and brand-new ones. After that, you can take these actions:

  1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard of the site you wish to transfer and then navigate through The All-in-1 WP Migration Export. Export.
  2. Choose Export and select your file option in the dropdown menu.
  3. The plugin will complete retrieving the WordPress files. When done, save the file using the WPRESS format using this pop-up screen.
  4. Start the WordPress administration dashboard of the new hosting service provider and then navigate through the All-in-One WordPress Migration — Import.
  5. Choose to import From and choose the fileThen, search for the WordPress documents you’ve imported.
  6. After the process is completed When the process is completed, then click Close.

If the import method does not work, upload the backup files manually using FTP or File Manager and then use the restore option.

  1. Go into The All-in-One WP Migration to export your server of choice.
  2. Create dow, download, and save the .wpress file to your computer.
  3. Log into your FTP client or launch your FTP File Manager for the brand-new hosting service.
  4. Click the Upload button and add the WPRESS file to the public_html/wp-content/ai1wm-backups folder.
  5. On the WordPress admin dashboard on the new server, navigate to The All-In-One WP Migration – Backups. There, the .wpressfile should appear.
  6. Click on the three dots icon and then select Restore.
  7. Click Continue to start with the process of restoration.

The last step in using this plugin will be to save your URL structure. It is necessary to alter the structure two times to rebuild it. .htaccess The file is the final step. File.

  1. Click Settings from the sidebar menu in the WordPress left-hand menu, then Settings – Permalinks.
  2. Select a new structure, then click Save Changes. If you’re using an existing Custom Structure, copy the structure first.
  3. You can reload your Permalinks settings page and select your system from the beginning.
  4. Hit Save Changes.

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